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The Top 10 Items for Fall YOU NEED!

Ahhh...Crisp leaves, a hint of pumpkin, and cool days and even cooler evenings. The beginning of fall is upon us! And it is now time to make the most important transition of the year. We start taking the Spring/Summer styles out of our closets just to bring in the Fall sweaters, jackets, and long pants. In this list I want to share with you 10 of my favorite Fall items that keep you current with the trends, but can also be molded to your individual personal style. Scroll down to see the first item and some ways it can be styled! ;)

C/O Pinterest
White T paired with camel trench coat, jeans, and white boots

1. The White Tee

Although this is an essential ALL year long, in the fall, a fitted white T-Shirt can add a classy flare when paired with any color. This 2020 season has brought us some variations of white T-Shirt, such as Muscle tees and the T-Shirt bodysuit (my Personal FAVE) . Whether you’re wearing some cute jeans, or tailored suit pants, your white shirt will be a necessary staple for any closet.

C/O Pinterest
White Tee bodysuit paired with olive blazer and distressed jeans
C/O Pinterest
Tan Trench coat paired with black sweater dress and black converse sneakers

2. The Trench Coat

Dressed up or down, a good trench coat (preferably tan, brown or olive) makes for a perfect closet staple. They don’t have to always have to have buttons either! They can turn the most basic outfits (like the one pictured above) into a fashionable L E W K. When you buy it in a neutral color, you allow yourselves more opportunities to wear it and pairing with any color. Don’t get me wrong, bright colored trench coats can be very fashionable, with the right outfit color scheme. Check out this cute dark green trench in the picture below!

C/O Pinterest
Green waterfall trench with white tee and dark jeans
C/O Kai Collective
Satin-finish Button down with Velvet skirt (from Kai Collective)

3. The Satin-finish Button down

Now this has been one of my favorite contemporary trends that made a grand comeback. When slightly loose fitting, it pairs so nicely with a pair of straight-fit jeans, leather pants or, clearly, this velvet skirt. (Pictured above) Since satin isn’t as much of a breathable material, fall is the best season to wear it. It’s cool and not too humid so you won‘t worry about sweating in it. Because of the satin finish, almost any color is beautiful in an outfit, try to pick the color that goes best with your skin tone as its a “pop-out” piece. I personally love to wear mine without a tuck and free flowing, but tucking them all around makes for a much more “put together” look, if chic is vibe you want to give off. Whichever way you choose to wear it, make sure you put one in your fall wardrobe!

C/O Pinterest
Cream Satin blouse paired with high waist jeans
C/O Pinterest
Oversized blazer on top of mom jeans and crop top

4. The Oversized Blazer

“10 looks and all my looks kill!” <— this is how you feel with an oversized blazer look. When I say you can through an oversized blazer over ANYTHING and look like high fashion, I mean it. Aside from doubling as a jacket (hence, fall breeze), whether youre wearing tight bottoms or loose, it still looks good! Whether you do a black, a bright pink, or a cognac color, most bottom colors will still pair well, including a cute dress! Add a cute mini tote bag and a strappy sandal and you're on the way to the runway. ;)

5. The Brightly-Colored Sandal

I know this seems like such an unlikely staple for Fall, but the truth is, it works as the perfect stand-out piece, even in colder situations. You could pair them with a chic oversized blazer, an off-the-shoulder sweater, or even a sexy cardigan. With more yellows, royal blues, and bright red becoming part of Fall fashion, it only makes sense to incorporate one of those colors into your wardrobe to add some flare to your style! I love to match my heel color to my top, with a pair of printed pants. It always makes for a fashionable fit.

6. The Denim Jacket

Oooh a denim jacket makes such fun outerwear. When well fitting (not oversized) and layered on top of neutrals, it is such sophisticated casual look. My favorite denim jacket right now is my distressed denim duster. Fitted the shoulders and draping to my calves gives my outfit the necessary dimension that makes you look well dressed and not over dressed.

7. A Natural Color Fedora hat

This style of hat makes me so excited! It literally elevates any outfit. There is nothing you cant wear with a wide brim fedora hat, especially a tan, ivory, or black that can pair with whatever color you like to wear the most. I suggest choosing the opposite color of hat that you like to wear, e.g. if you wear a lot of black, choose a light color hat, if you wear whites and pale colors more often choose a dark color hat. Contrast is a part of what can make your personal style interesting.

8. A Crossbody Bag

These bags always make a great addition because they're so versatile. They are often big enough to hold all your purse needs while not being heavy and they leave your hands free. They make the best bags for walking around the city or heading out on a date night. All colors of crossbody bags work with your outfit, if the color doesnt match with any other items you’re wearing it is a standout piece, if it does, you’ll still be the most fashionable soul in the room.

9. Mini/Midi Knit Dress

Best thing about knit dresses is that they give you the warmth of a sweater while also contouring your body in a way thats flattering. It’s even better when its ribbed or patterned because it help to conceal any problem areas you might have. Paired with a cute trench coat or oversized blazer and ankle boots, you’ve got yourself a stylish fit.

10. Chunky Heeled Knee Boots

This type of boot makes for the perfect wear since its the best of both worlds! A chunky heel, that makes for better balance, and easier walking, and they go too the knee so you don’t have to be concerned with them fitting over your thighs or pants. Any outfit you can pair thigh-highs with witll still work well with a knee boot, plus its picking back up as a returning trend for Fall.

Regardless of the items you wear, remember the most important fact is that you feel good in your clothes. If you don’t feel like your best self or like your style could use some help, don’t hesitate to reach out about booking a consultation! I would be so happy to answer any questions you may have about your personal style so that you can get dressed everyday in confidence.


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