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4 of the BEST Black Friday Deals

For some people the best part about Thanksgiving is the food, the camaraderie, the experience cherished with friends and family. While this is ALL wonderful (especially the cooking…Delicious!), for people like us, the thing we look forward to most are THE SALES! Yes, Black Friday AND Cyber Monday bring us some of the best deals of the season. Even better than after Christmas, in my opinion. It’s the perfect time to purchase early Christmas gifts and birthday gifts (for your fellow Sagittarius or Capricorn), as well as, gifts for yourself! Below, I’ve listed some of my favorite places to find GREAT Black Friday deals; NO CODES NEEDED!

1. Savage Fenty

If you haven’t heard of Rihanna’s lingerie line, you have been living under a ROCK! It is literally some of the sexiest, yet most comfortable lingerie styles I have ever experienced! Remember how cute Victoria Secret matching sets used to be but once you wore the bra for more than 6 hours, it was cutting into unbelievably? You will NOT have that issue with Savage, I honestly forgot I was wearing anything. My favorites are the un-lined bra sets and the pushup strapless bra (and yes, it actually stays up). Lucky for us, they are having a SITEWIDE sale where all items are up to 50% off! Even with the sale, however, I would encourage you, if you’re going to buy from Savage, it is most cost efficient to go ahead and sign up for the VIP membership program. It makes all the items much cheaper (like 40% regularly) and if you don’t want to buy anything for the month just set a recurring reminder so that you can “skip the month” prior to being charged (before the 5th). It makes life so much simpler, plus you get crazy access to deals and pieces that the general public will never see! Sale Ends December 2nd 11:59 pm PT. Get your sexy onnn!

2. Meshki

This brand is a popular Australian online boutique, they range in everything from swimsuits, to mono-chromatic basics to ball gowns and NYE attire. I like to think of them as a higher-quality fashionnova. Their clothes are well I love them mainly because of their mono-chromatic basics, but what I love is they use colors that you wont usually find on most sites that focus in basics. They use Mint, Pastel Pinks, Light Burgundy, Lavender, and other pastel favorites. All items have a decent amount of stretch (for us thick girls) and they aren’t extremely overpriced. If you’re between sizes, I would order the larger size, only because I found after washing, there can be some shrinkage. They also have a decent amount of Lingerie! Unfortunately it is not really made for women over a C-cup. They are offering 30% off SITEWIDE until 9am November 29th. Don’t Miss out!!

3. MinnaMonroe

This trendsetting stylist has taken OFF in the past four years due to the bomb-a$$ creations of her own designs! From vintage printed shirts to glittery two piece suit sets, she often starts the stylish trends you see amongst fast fashion giant: fashionnova. I love her designs because while being very fashion-forward, they’re always so unique to her stature and the lifestyle influence of her customers. Whether she uses clothing vendors or designs the items herself, they are always so high in quality, and well picked, NOTHING you buy from her will be a disappointment. With MinnaMonroe, you’ll always be 10 steps ahead of the fashion game.

4. PrettyLittleThing

You want to talk about an AMAZING sale, PrettyLittleThing is offering 50-60% off everything for the ENTIRE weekend! It’s actually been the whole week leading up to Black Friday, including the weekend. Similar to fashionnova, PrettyLittleThing has made headway in being a online champion that houses an array of different fashion styles. Featuring influencer collaborations, party fashion, and the trendiest of accessories. I love them because although they contain plenty of fast fashion they have a multitude of original pieces you will only find through their store. And this sale, is NOT worth missing! Now get to shopping!!!


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