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Seoul Africa Fashion Show: The experience

Traveling to South Korea to attend the Seoul Africa Fashion Show was a dream beyond belief! I never thought I would have the opportunity to witness a showcase of Afro-culture in a place I had never been exposed to before. The overarching goal of the SAFS committee is to bring awareness of African art and culture to the people of Korea. I was able to witness fabulous African-inspired designs from fashion creators all over the globe!

Out of the 7 designers presented, each one of them presented between 3 to 10 designs, all of different taste and caliber. It was so cool seeing the blend of cultures from African culture, Korean flair, and even addition of Afro-latinx styles.

Out of all of the gorgeous designs we saw, I had three designers that were my FAVORITE of all!

First, there was Anabel Lopez, a fashion designer who is from Quito, Ecuador but has showcased her designs all over South-east Asia. Her style wavers on a chic, modern flair of classic designs. I loved how she incorporated florals and her studded details on dresses and skirts I would've never considered. The pieces presented were all tailored well to accentuate the waist and the legs. You can view her pieces and contact her about purchasing here:

The second designer(s) I LOVED was ARTishka Studios. They are a group of designers based in Seoul and they make headdresses!! I loved the intricate designs in their headdress and how no two were similar in any way. If you have a photoshoot, or an outfit idea in your mind that requires a headdress of any sort, they are the studio to contact! From their showcase and even the pictures grabbed from their facebook above, its clear there is no style of headdress that is out of their capacity to make. In order to contact them or see more of their work, you can find them here:

My third and final favorite designer is…. *drum rolls* lol but really! They are from a company called Unique Made Collection (UMC) who creates African inspired clothing designs and they're based in Seoul, Korea! What I love about their designs is that, although they specialize in using traditional African fabrics, the way they style their designs is particularly modernized and trendy, nothing traditional about it! To check out their gorgeous designs, you can find them here:


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