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Wanting to make an impression in an interview or at a new position? Needing to upgrade your style for work, or for that new promotion you've been wanting? Reas is here to help you create the look you desire, get the work recognition you deserve! Reas will make sure your best foot will be put forward at work with flawless style. No need to stress about how you're going to look or what to wear if Reas Michel is styling you. Based on your style goals, budget cost, and looks needed, Reas will curate the perfect outfit(s) for you. All that will be required from you is a short style quiz for me to understand your current style, a brief consultation  to discuss your desired style goals, then for you to purchase your items and refer back to your StyleBoard for how it should be worn. 


Purchased a new item that you’re not sure how to wear? Can’t decide which outfit looks the best? Let Reas help you coordinate the best look for you! This is an on call service that includes two outfit collages to show you exactly how to pair the given item with the PERFECT outfit. Only requires 24hr notice. 

Wanting to add more high quality pieces to your wardrobe? Want to look expensive without feeling gaudy? Let Reas help you transform your wardrobe without having to break the BANK. Reas will guide you in how to style high-end/designer pieces with clothes you already own or items of lower cost. Learn how to look expensive without breaking the bank. Requires Consultation. 


When you need some expert advice on an outfit choice, but not sure who to call, call Reas! Whether you’ve already put your look together but you’re just unsure if your style is shining through in the best way or if you want real expert advice on how best to express yourself through style, this service is for you. Receive 30 to 60 minutes to converse with a stylist expert on how to be most confident in your style. 

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