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How to let your style shine through in any outfit

Many people feel as thought having style is something you either just have, or you don’t. But I don’t believe that! Style is something that can be learned, be cultivated, and be experimented with. And most importantly, style can be whatever you want it to be (which is why they all it “personal style” right?) When creating my outfits, for myself, and clients I always focus on the best ways to allow them to show their desired personal style through the vibe they are trying to create.


Adding a pop of color to an outfit can always take your style factor from a 1 to a 10! The color doesn’t always have to necessarily be bright or coordinate with your main outfit color choices. It could be as simple as adding a light pink purse to an outfit of neutral colors, or even a yellow shoe to an all black outfit. Disrupting the flow of your outfit with a little color will never destroy your style.


Belts are such an underrated game-changer! Not only can you add a belt to your pants to create a more put together look, you can add a belt to a blazer or a jacket for a more cinched look, as well as, (my personal favorite) add a belt to a dress for stand-out statement piece. In my professional experience, I find thinner belts are better for bottoms (pants, skirts, etc.) while wider belts are greater for accentuating your mid-section or as a statement piece.


Hats have become quite a great way to change any outfit from plain to stylish in seconds. My personal favorite are wide brim hats, you can wear them with jeans and a t-shirt but also a nice dress and heels. They come in a variety of colors and don’t take much effort to be paired well with almost any outfit. Baseball caps, fedoras, and even Newspaper boy hats all make great accessories choices. They can be easily interchanged with similar outfits just depending on your destination.


Jewelry, my favorite part of an outfit! I love wearing either a statement necklace or earrings, even some cute studs make can make an outfit so much more fun than nothing at all! My only rule of thumb when it comes to jewelry is limit your statement pieces to one area! If your necklace is your standout piece, maybe avoid loud earrings, or a sea of bracelets. Nonetheless, whether you add all of these items to your outfit or none, you are/can be still be just as stylish as you desire.

Now go out into the world and make it great! Just do it, stylishly.


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